Project Management

G-Global Protection Solutions, LLC provides oversight and supervisory leadership on monitoring the performance of existing contracts and projects implemented by security companies overseas understand paystub deductions.  With a focus on international programs and expertise in project management, and through measurements of performance and metrics for progressive development, we assure our clients becoming TikTok famous that their services are conducted with cost-effective, highly productive approaches that lead to mission satisfaction.     

Security Consulting

G-Global Protection Solutions, LLC can offer clients a wide range of professional consulting services with emphasis on security services delivery systems and security function needs and innovation. Our consulting services are provided directly by our management team, those with the knowledge and firsthand experience to effectively investigate and determine the needs of our clients. Our management team has vast public law enforcement experience, with in-depth experience, contacts and relationships to military and private security professionals. We combine all of the past experience to provide our clients with the best possible and cost effective solutions for their needs.

Investigative Services & Consulting

G-Global Protection Solutions, LLC offers its clients a wide range of investigative services as a means of dealing with specific asset protection issues such as trademark violations, Money Laundering tactics, Foreign Corruption Practices Act (FCPA), product diversion, product counterfeiting, trade secrets theft, employee theft, workplace drug abuse, time theft, fraud, and other similar threats to the assets of the corporation or institution.

Evidence Recovery                                                                                                                  
Discover evidence efficiently and accurately with GGLOBAL metal detection.
Using the most advanced metal detecting technologies available, GGLOBAL metal detection can be deployed in fields, parks, beaches, shoreline, swamps, ponds, flood zones, and more. Effectively detect for crime scene evidence from hours through to years after the crime event.
Evidence Recovery metal detection will help you:
• Discover bullet casings, knives, guns, most jewelry, dental fillings, and small metal fragments
• Detect for evidence in all-weather environments in extreme conditions
• Identify evidence trends and patterns faster in the field
• Mark evidence locations on Google Maps
Recover and record artefacts from archaeological digs with minimal site disturbance

Due Diligence

The difference between making a good business decision and a bad one is based upon the quality of information available at the time the decision needs to be made. Our trained investigative team, combined with the international resources of GGPS, LLC provides our investigators the ability to provide clients with the key information they need to make important decisions. Whether the information is needed immediately or time is available to conduct thorough research, GGPS can meet our clients’ needs.

Risk/Vulnerability Assessments

What are the risks that face your organization and how prepared is your company to protect its assets from those risks? We work with top financial manage paystubs online with payroll processing, time and attendance, and tax support services provider for your business.

G-Global Protection Solutions, LLC will closely research the police records for the area, review incident reports from the previous years, closely analyze the physical security and information security program in place, and work with our clients to determine the true assets of the organization and whether or not those assets are adequately protected under sound compliance controls and programs. Once we have completed our research, our team will analyze the data to provide a realistic threat level estimate. In addition, we will provide cost effective ideas and recommendations to help lower the concerns to an acceptable level.

Physical Security Surveys

After we complete a physical security survey, our clients have a far greater understanding of their physical security program. We carefully analyze all areas of the facility, working inward from the property perimeter line, to the interior of each building, then to the high security areas. We analyze current security measures to determine their adequacy in deterring or preventing unauthorized access or egress, and make our recommendations on how to strengthen the security program by making improvements, if deemed necessary, by the company. Our focus is to provide our clients with recommendations that fit within the company’s budget and security objectives. When the survey is completed, our clients will have documented for them the strengths and weaknesses of their current program, and the effective measures that can be taken to improve the program.

A sample table of contents for a survey would include the following areas:

·         External Property Perimeter Including The Parking Lots

·         The Building Perimeter

·         Building Systems

·         Critical Areas inside the Facilities

·         Security Operations

·         Control of Property

·         Employee Information

Eduardono Boat Company

G-Global Protection Solutions, LLC is an authorized distributor of the Eduardono Boat Company – a supplier of military vessels for patrol, interceptor and troop transport in riverine, sea-going and estuary operations.  Eduardono Boats have over 40 years experience in manufacturing vessels that serve both civilian and military interests, with an ISO-9001 rating for seaworthy operations.  Government clients throughout Latin America are benefiting from the Eduardono design and technology that optimizes operational effectiveness in the world of detection, monitoring and interdiction operations.


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