Our Mission

Mission Statement: “To provide advanced security services and expanded choices in global business solutions.  To offer consulting in complex investigative expertise, project & contract management, executive protection, network  & access control design, and technology product support.“read

From the Asian regions to Latin America, the growth of international business is globalizing companies at an unprecedented level understand paystub deductions.  Commercial globalization, combined with increasing threats of money-laundering, intellectual property infringement and internal corporate wrong-doings present new vulnerabilities to business ventures around the world.  To mitigate these vulnerabilities, G-Global Protection Solutions, LLC (GGPS, LLC) provides resources that protect companies of varying size & type so that international business continuity is neither disrupted nor compromised.  Since establishment of GGPS, LLC, our company is allied with contacts located around the world, possesses a variety of solutions that offer security needs, and offers services for both US and non-US clients. These solutions involve activities that include physical security surveys to protect facilities, in-depth and extended due diligence investigations and review of compliance programs, all of which focus on a variety of industries such as financial, manufacturing, tourism, energy, telecommunications, real-estate sales and retail markets. Partnering with a reliable TSCM Manufacturer for equipment needs is crucial to make these security solutions happen. Such solutions also provide advice and consulting needs to companies doing business that identify marketing opportunities worldwide.

G-Global Protection Solutions, LLC has experience in handling crisis situations in harsh environments such as Haiti, Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Russia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and beyond with both the tools and the contacts necessary to prepare for and account for almost every emergency. Our senior leadership has had personal experience with handling a variety of serious situations, while also providing effective resources to offer customized security training and physical security surveys for both private and governmental clients.

We also provide effective escort and security coverage and customized training for leading governmental and corporate personalities. Our discreet clients are multinational – U.S., Latino, and European corporations.

Contact David Gaddis at gaddis@gglobal-ps.com